Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Redbridge FC

Redbridge 3 v Thamesmead 4

Ryman Premier League
Tuesday 26th March 2013 kick off 19:45hrs
Oakside Stadium

Attendance : 37
Weather : What do you think - freezing cold of course.
Customer Service : Fantastic.

Walk this way, for another fun packed episode of TOWIE with Old Thorpy.
Farmer Oakes parks his tractor at the ground.
The aptly named "Oaks" side" stadium (apparently named after Paul Oakes) is a real mis mash of stands and terracing, let's have a look shall we. Apparently, he regularly finds homes for "nomads" here - but no camels as they get the  hump being forced to travel on the Central line - understandable really.

Excellent rendering of the walls  - rendering of this quality was last seen in Accrington - say no more than that shall we.
Hand ups - who remembers the original "half and half" tea cosie style hat circa 84/85 season. I think these fashion items originated from Mersey side - the red half adopted Celtic to reflect their allegiance to the Catholic church - whilst the blue half adopted Glasgow Rangers to reflect their blue nose status. Before the season was over they had migrated across the country, and the craze expanded to include Hearts, Dundee Utd and Aberdeen -strangely Hibs were omitted from this fashion crime -sorry Nick - I tried.

The "Rupert Murdoch" sponsored press box - is empty again.

The "Oaks"side stadium runs alongside Barkingside tube station. In an attempt to keep commuters out of the ground, razor sharp barbwire has been installed. Or perhaps this is to keep the fans inside?
This week's nomad watch - one spare terrace for away fans available if  required.
More of that lovely barbwire Paul has installed in his living room.(Cheaper than installing a burglar alarm and the screams are as just as loud he tells me)
The "Oaks" side stadium is more akin to a scaffolding yard than a football ground. Or is this an alternative revenue stream?
Always reassuring to see functional fire exits in place. Got a light mate?

The "Oaks"side stadium is a peculiar ground (well I suppose it would be with a name like that). For example on one side you have this long corridor of corrugated iron. Or is this eastbound platform to Theydon Bois?

Reminds me of the sideboards in Oaksey's living room - see Brentwood F.C for clarification.  
More of the scaffolding yard - must be Essex for sure.
Pensive lino.

The Ministry of funny walks.

Who says non league football is money for old rope?
On the same night England were playing Montenegro, needless to say Redbridge v Thamesmead was a tad more interesting.

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